What does this mean for you?

The CTICC can deliver all of our events as a result of our focused attention on our water usage, our strategic savings initiatives and our collaboration with clients. Despite the City of Cape Town having to activate level 6B water restrictions, Day Zero is not inevitable and can be avoided through committed cooperation.

Your delegates will have access to:

In the unlikely event that Day Zero does occur, the City of Cape Town has indicated that the central business district (CBD), including the CTICC precinct, will not be affected by the shutdown. As such, our doors will remain open and we will continue to host all of our events.

Hotels in the CBD will also not be affected. In addition, a number of the hotels in and around the CTICC are currently installing water augmentation systems to allow them to cater for their guests’ requirements.

We thank all our clients and delegates who have been so proactive in helping us to ensure we deliver successful events in a responsible manner. Across Cape Town, our actions today will result in greater awareness and responsible use of this precious resource and more sustainable business practices in the long run.