Sustainability Commitment

A Commitment for Generations to Come

At the CTICC, sustainability is not something we do, or a measure of value that we add; it is at the heart of who we are. We have committed fully to sustainability as a core business ethic and, as such, we acknowledge the imperative to practice sustainability in all that we do. 


For us, sustainability is the one, non-negotiable key to lasting business success. Given this recognition, we know we have a responsibility to lead at sustainability and set an example that our entire industry wants to follow. 


This passion for sustainability leadership saw the CTICC become the first convention centre in the world to report our sustainable practices in line with Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) standards, achieving B+ compliance with G3.1 guidelines for our 2013/14 Integrated Annual Report. Importantly, we align our sustainability reporting with GRI not as a public relations exercise, but because we believe that by achieving these high standards, we will inspire others in our industry to follow suit. 


A core component of the CTICC’s environmental and social sustainability commitment is Nurture Our World (NOW). This started in 2009 as a sustainability initiative and has since evolved into a fully-fledged sustainability forum that serves as a practical extension of the centre’s ongoing commitment to sustainability. In addition to informing and guiding the CTICC’s sustainability efforts, the NOW team designs, implements and oversees a variety of sustainability interventions and programmes. These are aimed at enhancing the centre’s positive environmental and social impact, extending its influence and creating opportunities for staff, suppliers, clients and visitors to become actively involved in facilitating sustainability and, hopefully, undertake their own sustainability journeys.  


For more information on the Nurture Our World initiative, read our Frequently Sustainability Asked Questions or email the sustainability officer.


Sustainability Reports

The CTICC has been measuring and reporting its environmental and social impact since 2011. For a comprehensive overview of our sustainability achievements, please view the following reports:


For an overview of the commitments the centre has undertaken with regards to sustainability, please view the Sustainability Commitment page.

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