Sustainability Reporting

Why GRI?

The CTICC has always been committed to triple-bottom-line sustainability. In 2010, based on this commitment, we took the decision to start reporting on our sustainability commitments. Various tools were researched in order to facilitate this and it was decided that the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) was the most appropriate, as it is internationally recognised and highly regarded as the leading sustainability benchmarking methodology.

A key advantage of using GRI was the ease with which the framework could be applied to benchmark the centre’s sustainability achievements, challenges and progress, while also serving as a valuable means by which to monitor sustainability in all areas over the full course of each year. 


Our Sustainability Reporting Journey

For the past three years, the CTICC has been measuring and publicly reporting its     sustainability activities using the GRI framework via annual Sustainability Reports. In 2013, we produced our first Integrated Report using the Global Reporting Initiative’s (GRI) G3.1 reporting standard, for which we attained a B+ ranking. 

The decision to use the GRI 3.1 framework for reporting also served as a catalyst for greater integration of sustainability into all areas of the CTICC’s operations. The Nurture Our World (NOW) team adopted GRI 3.1 as the basis for a comprehensive sustainability action plan, including specific reduction targets. This NOW Action Plan, came into effect at the beginning of 2011 and is continually assessed and refined to serve as a key guideline for the CTICC’s sustainability actions. 

The plan not only clearly sets out the centre’s sustainability goals, but also assigns responsibility for the various GRI indicators to specific CTICC managers and department heads. Monthly report-back sessions are held at which this information is provided to the NOW Team so that the necessary actions can be taken to capitalise on successes or address challenges. 


Sustainability Reports

For a comprehensive overview of our sustainability achievements, please view the following reports:
o    2012 Sustainability Report
o    2013 Integrated Annual Report
o    2015 Integrated Annual Report

For an overview of the commitments the centre has undertaken with regards to sustainability, please view the Sustainability Commitment page. more information on the CTICC’s sustainability commitments read our Frequently Asked Sustainability Questions or email the sustainability officer.


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