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Water Institute of Southern Africa’s Biennial Conference & Exhibition 2018 (WISA 2018)

The Water Institute of Southern Africa (WISA) invites you to attend the WISA biennial conference and exhibition 2018, which will take place at the CTICC, in Cape Town, from the 24th to the 27 th of June 2018. The central theme of “Breaking Barriers, Connecting Ideas” seeks to address past, existing and future water resource challenges by promoting collaboration, cooperation and integration within the water sector. The Southern African region faces increased uncertainty and vulnerability regarding water supply. The thematic areas for the conference seek to promote, inspire and demonstrate the value of working beyond existing mandates and perceived restrictions. While an emphasis is placed on Southern African case studies and research, international examples applicable to the Southern African context are welcome.

Event type: Conference & Exhibition
Start date: 24 June 2018
End date: 27 June 2018
Opening & closing times: Visit http://www.wisa2018.org.za/programme/ for a detailed programme and times
Point of purchase for ticket: www.wisa2018.org.za

Contact person: Carolyn Melnick
Email: caro@soafrica.com
Tel: +27 (0)21 422 2402
Website: www.wisa2018.org.za
Event Hashtag: #WISA2018

20th International Congress of Linguists

The Congress of Linguistics is held every five years, and showcases current developments in linguistics. The Congress will run over five days, have a plenary panel on linguistics in South Africa, nine plenary speakers covering a range of major sub-fields, ten paper sessions each with its own focus speaker, up to 30 workshops, and several poster sessions. While speakers and topics are drawn from a wide, international pool, the Congress will take the additional opportunity of showcasing African language research. It will also cover applied linguistic areas of research of vital importance to the African continent and the 21st century at large, with a special extended session on Multilingualism, Education, Policy and Development.

Start date: 2 July 2018
End date: 6 July 2018
Opening & closing times: 8am – 5:30pm
Point of purchase for ticket: www.icl20capetown.com
Cost of ticket: R4 000 – R7 488

Contact person: Tammy Maart
Email: tammy@soafrica.com
Tel: +27 (0)21 422 2402
Website: www.icl20capetown.com
Facebook: @icl20capetown

AWS Summit Cape Town

Education for new customers about the AWS platform as well as offering existing customers deep technical content to be more successful with AWS.

Start date: 12 July 2018
End date: 12 July 2018
Opening & closing times: 9am – 6pm

Contact person: Jacques Groenewald; Esther Westerweele
Email: jacques@one39central.com; ewesterweele@lefmarketing.com
Website: https://aws.amazon.com/summits/cape-town/
Twitter: @AWSCloud
Event Hashtag: #AWSSummit

2018 Cape Town HOMEMAKERS Expo

The annual Cape Town HOMEMAKERS Expo is the Western Cape’s favourite exhibition for everything décor, design, lifestyle and DIY – for real homes. Whether your interest is in what’s trending in home improvement, enhancing your outdoor living space, refreshing your interiors or creating a beautiful kitchen or bathroom, we bring the best industry experts together under one roof. Packed with inspirational ideas and features, including highlights such as the tuis|home theatre, INTERIOR spaces, d’VINE life, truly ARTISAN, the WORKSHOP, and two design challenges, the Expo will offer everything your heart desires for your home and garden projects.

Start date: 30 August 2018
End date: 2 September 2018
Opening & closing times: 10am – 7pm (30 August – 1 September 2018); 10am – 6pm (2 September 2018)
Point of purchase for ticket: Quicket or at the door
Cost of ticket: R90 (adults); R70 (pensioners); free (kids under 16)

Contact person: Sandy Edwards
Email: expocape@homemakers-sa.co.za
Tel: +21 (0)21 511 2800
Website: www.homemakersonline.co.za/expo
Facebook: @HOMEMAKERSonline
Twitter: @SAHomemakers
Youtube: HOMEMAKERSonline
Pinterest: Homemakers
Event Hashtag: #hmexpo

MoodleMoot Africa 2018

MoodleMoot conferences are held around the world, with a focus on encouraging collaboration and sharing of best practices of the open source learning platform. MoodleMoots started when the global Moodle community saw a need to come together and share their experiences with the open source platform – what they have learnt, what works and what doesn’t – so others can learn from those experiences to enhance and improve their Moodle sites. The first MoodleMoot Africa 2018 will be held in Cape Town and Moodle HQ invites all Moodlers in Africa to join us for two days of sharing, learning and collaborating so that we can empower more educators to improve our world with our open source learning platform!

Start date: 11 October 2018
End date: 12 October 2018
Opening & closing times: 9am – 6pm
Point of purchase for ticket: https://moodlemoot.org/mootaf18

Email: moodlemoot@moodle.com
Tel: +61 8 9467 4167
Website: https://moodlemoot.org/mootaf18
Facebook: @moodle
Twitter: @moodle
Event Hashtag: #MootAF2018


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